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Sien + Co

Sien + Co is a textile design studio based in the beautiful mountain town of Park City, UT. Founded in 2016 by Alexandra Gibson, Sien + Co specializes in handwoven interior home decor and luxury performance fabrics. We travel to the far corners of the world and create collections using traditional techniques with a modern twist, and we have some pretty good times along the way.

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Mark Cunningham has translated his lifelong affinity for ceramics into a collection of textiles, the first to launch from his new brand, MARKED; the premier fabric collection features Mark's reinterpretations of the colors, patterns, and textures favored by some of the many ceramicists that have influenced his aesthetic over the years. By mixing palettes and manipulating repeats and scale, Mark has designed a cohesive offering of 11 wovens, printed, and embroidered textiles in colorways like "iron," "oatmeal," and "denim." MARKED textiles are engineered for use across multiple applications and include a few sheers and Marked OUT, a range of outdoor textiles.

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New Studio E

Studio E

Studio E is the original and first-of-its-kind Venetian Plaster Wallpaper. In business since 1999, Studio E is the product spin-off company of EverGreene Architectural Arts. EverGreene is the nation's largest architectural arts studio. Studio E is privately owned. It was founded on the ideals of respect for artisans, preserving and promoting fine decorative arts traditions, and the use of nature’s materials. Our manufacturing facility is now based in Brooklyn and supplies wallpapers to the high-end residential sector, luxury retail, upscale workplace, and five-star hospitality markets worldwide.

Their woman-owned and operated company is committed to fostering equal opportunity and diversity in the workplace. They ardently support the International Rescue Committee* (IRC) by providing employment to those from areas of strife who seek refuge in the USA. They offer artistic training, job security, benefits, and a flexible, friendly, and tolerant atmosphere, all resulting in an enhanced quality of life.

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